team fuji-servetto comes in this year replacing the completely disgraced saunier duval. since they basically had to start over from scratch you probably won’t hear much from them in le tour, but one never knows. fuji is a pretty highly regarded brand that sorta disappeared in the 90s, so it’s good to see them back, though they are now a taiwanese company. i know sometimes “made in taiwan” is synonymous with “junk”, but these are looking pretty good!


de rosa

spring is almost here i can feel it. bike race season is starting in the warm climates, my bike is longing for it to get above 40 or so (sorry, i’m no cold weather biker). anyway, time to start up again!

ugo de rosa‘s been around forever. for real. he started designing bikes way back in the early 1950s and has been a mainstay on the scene ever since. de rosas are maybe not as famous as some of the other italian companies but they have a great reputation and a lot of history. they’ll even make some bikes to measure, so you know they take biking seriously (i also found this great old pic of de rosa with eddy merckx):

ronde van vlaanderen

the tour of flanders takes place right before paris-roubaix and is almost as notorious. famous for its hills and cobblestones this is definitely not a ride for the faint of heart. this is also another one of the “monuments.” if you want a taste here’s a great video (with some guy’s head in the way unfortunately) of the koppenberg hill from this year’s ronde, i love how some of the guys hop off of their bikes and run up the hill!

also a great pic from wikipedia:

here are two great retro raleigh sites i found, and if you dig around them a little bit you’ll find some serious retro love from all over. so here we have ’em: raleigh at classic rendezvous and retro raleigh. here’s some images from them that kind of some it all up:


hell yeah! this is *the* one day race for real men. it is famous for its cobblestone roads, crappy weather, and many crashes. and this is the very definition of a classic, going all the way back to 1896.


basso is yet another awesome italian manufacturer, founded by the basso brothers (alcide, marino, and renato) in 1977. marino was the most accomplished rider having won the world championship once and the maglia ciclamino in the giro once. ok, so i don’t really know that much about basso, but here’s some bikes:

here’s a little pic of marino basso from back in the day:


i don’t think i have to tell you who greg lemond is because he was probably the first name most americans ever heard in cycling. 3 time tour winner, 3 time world champs, si’s sportsman of the year in 1989. yeah maybe he should just shut up now a days, but you gotta admit he was awesome. i also really like lemond bikes, especially since so many of them have really classic designs and paint jobs. here’s some bikes (notice a couple look like they could be from the 80s):

its funny how all the names of lemond bikes reflect his personal glory, not sure if that’s ego or marketing (or both). lemond chasing hinault: